Network Security


A service that allows clients to secure their networks. Clients may use this service to locate loopholes in a network. ZH Technologies, Inc. provides security policy implementation and maintenance services.

It's not just about the Internet. It's not just about your perimeter. Network security encompasses these key areas of your network:

  • Internet Perimeter-Firewalls, Web Servers, Routers, Proxy Servers, Intrusion Detection, etc.
  • Intranet-File Servers, Mail Servers, Authentication Mechanisms, Databases, ERP Applications, Mainframes, LANs, WANS, Wireless Networks, Workstations, etc.
  • Extranet-Partner Links, VPN Gateways, EDI, etc.
  • Remote Access-Dial-up Servers, Modems, VPN Gateways and Clients, etc.


Tools Are Only Part of the Answer

In our experience, thoroughly understanding and assessing each area requires a diverse range of knowledge and expertise. We've seen that each type of application, operating system platform, and vendor technology brings its own set of issues to the table.

Software can be used to uncover and address the weaknesses that may exist in any one of your network components. But tools will only get you part of the way.

Integration is Key

At ZHtek, we feel that assessment and analysis tools should be viewed as a good starting point that can eliminate some of the legwork that must be completed. We've found our greatest success by combining those tools with a methodical plan that incorporates a high degree of prioritization.

It's the integration of tools, process and expertise that will keep your network truly secure.


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