Network Implementation


At ZHtek, our implementation is about risk, time, quality, staff management and costs, in order to deliver an objective by the deadline agreed upon with the customer. We can perform a majority of tasks for you, which includes consulting, staff augmentation, network delivery and project management.

Network Delivery- The process of network delivery assesses the site, then configures, stages and installs the individual components to create the assembled whole of your network. Testing and documenting the network, which are two critical activities, concurrently take place at each phase of the implementation. We do a final and structured formalized acceptance test, which shows that the system has been properly configured to meet all your requirements. You can trust in a ZHtek network, because it is built right and built to last.

Project Management- A Project Manager is specifically assigned to your implementation to oversee all aspects of the process from staging to documentation to implementation. Your Project Manager will ensure that working with ZHtek is simple and efficient, being that he or she will be your single point of contact.


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