Upgrade and Improve


There's a common scenario in IT management: You've implemented a new system, ensured it performs as business users demand, all delivered to budget. Then the business decides it needs more…

Web transactions. Audio/video streaming. Desktop videoconferencing. Wireless networks. SANs. As you can be guaranteed that the pace of innovation won't stop, you can rely on the business always demanding more from IT. As more data and bigger files flow through the network, systems need to be enhanced.

Technology moves quickly, and IT equipment can become obsolete within a very short timeframe. Fast-moving businesses need cutting-edge solutions, because other systems simply won't cope. Throwing away your old equipment a few months after you've bought it, however, simply isn't practical - ZHTek can help you stay in the vanguard by upgrading and improving your systems.

ZHTek understands that you will need to optimize system performance - and do so within tight timeframes and budgets. Because ZHTek sees upgrading and improvement as part of the IT lifecycle, we can make your technology and budget go further. For example, have you ever considered the value of installing refurbished kit, it is as 'good as new' but more cost-effective.


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