Support and Maintain


IT suppliers assume that when a new system has been installed, the job is done. ZH Technologies thinks differently. We recognize that this is when the hard work really starts for an IT department. You have to keep the system live, ensuring that it runs efficiently and securely and hits the performance targets business users demand.

It's a tough job, but for ZH Technologies it's a vital part of the IT lifecycle. There's now such pressure to retain system integrity and keep performance high around the clock, you need a partner specializing in high availability, security, and 24/7 performance.

Need to monitor system and network performance around the clock, proactively managing potential downtime in advance before it impacts the business?

Talk to ZH Technologies. We're an experienced provider of HP Openview,; the world's leading portfolio of network, systems and application management software; Veritas, the leading middleware availability software; Sun Solaris; the world's widely used and reliable operation system for mission critical Enterprise Applications; and EMC, the leader in providing enterprise data storage HW/SW Solutions.




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