Server consolidation & Integration


Server consolidation has been one of the hot topics for the past couple of years. While the cost benefits may seem obvious to your right to be concerned with the availability issues. The all-eggs-in-one-basket philosophy does not always make the best business sense from a resilience and high availability standpoint.

While running your business applications on one big server is one approach, at the other end of the extreme you have a one-server-per-application approach. If you take this route, then physical space in your server rooms will be in high demand. Racks and racking solutions need to be considered. Air conditioning needs careful consideration. Some form of console management like KVM switches will possibly come into the picture.

The obvious approach is to find a happy medium. Not easy, but having your critical business applications on two or three servers per site with smaller servers doing the lesser tasks like DNS servers, file/print, firewall, proxy server and the rest sounds manageable enough without demanding acres of space in your computer rooms.

ZH Technologies has vast experience with server consolidation where we provide custom tailored solutions to fit your needs and make life easier for you from manageability and administration standpoints. ZH Technologies employs state-of-the-art technologies from Sun, HP, EMC, IBM, NCR, and Siemens, to design and engineer enterprise-level systems for your mission-critical application.


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