Enterprise Storage Solutions

Enterprise Storage

ZH Technologies specializes in supporting the complete life cycle of data storage solutions, from inception through implementation. Our experienced engineers and architects can assess your current storage environment, recommend product solutions, design a detailed storage architecture, and implement the solution. Our goal is to provide the right technologies to our clients with the appropriate level of supporting services and to deliver solutions that properly balance performance, capacity, availability, reliability, and security.

SAN and NAS Solutions

We are proficient in a wide variety of storage architectures, including storage area networks (SAN), network-attached storage (NAS), direct-attached storage (DAS), storage over IP (SoIP), and SCSI over IP (ISCSI). We also have expertise in a range of related storage functions, such as backup and restore solutions, disaster recovery, remote replication, managed storage, storage consolidation, storage management and SAN management.

We carry a full range of storage hardware and software ranging from tape libraries and optical libraries to storage management and server clustering software. Our vendor-agnostic approach allows us to select the most appropriate technology from a wide range of product, including EMC, Sun, Compaq, HP, Veritas, StorageNetworks and Quantum and Storage Tek's ATLs. This enables us to provide our clients with comprehensive, customized solutions for their storage needs regardless of existing infrastructure or skill sets.

ZH Technologies is committed to providing technical support excellence in a wide variety of services and applications in the information technology Spectrum. One of the new mainstream areas that ZH Technologies is concentrating its efforts on is Clustering Software. This fairly new technology is spreading quickly throughout the local area networks/storage area networks (LAN/SAN) communities around the world.

The clustering software enables clients to obtain data instantaneously while system failures are occurring in other geographical-data center locations. Clustering software enables application services by providing high-availability (HA) services to the end-user community.

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