Enterprise Network Infrastructure

At ZH Technology, we can actually quantify the network impact of your proposed enterprise-class software application before it is deployed. We can identify potential bottlenecks, and help calculate your return on investment (ROI) potential based on several network design alternatives. We can minimize the risks of your financial and business investment into your network, and can help you maintain a competitive edge in your industry.
Let us show how you how to efficiently and effectively manage
all networked environments centrally from the enterprise level. Manage network traffic while providing an integrated picture of network performance. Assure service levels by managing both the availability and performance of the network infrastructure. Reduce total cost of ownership by minimizing the need for manual monitoring and management of your network.
We provide design, engineering, implementation, operation, and support services for voice, data, and private/Secure data communications.
ZH Technology offers a variety of network management solutions that enable organizations to manage their networks as an interdependent extension of other business-critical resources. Ideal for every environment from small LANs to global enterprises. These flexible solutions go beyond traditional network boundaries by managing all industry-standard network protocols, such as TCP/IP, IPSec etc, enabling administrators to centrally manage their network assets as an integrated part of their enterprise.


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