Database Assessment


This assessment focuses on four (4) key areas that are critical to the success of your database implementation:

Data Integrity

ZH Technologies can analyze your database design and provide recommendations enhancing performance.


ZH Technologies will review your recovery plans and your backup and recovery strategies to ensure complete data restoration in case of database or hardware failure.


ZH Technologies will ensure that there is no unauthorized access to the database environment.


ZH TECHNOLOGIES will ensure that your Oracle database is performing at its optimum level by looking at the database parameters, individual platforms, operating system settings and SQL.

We will also perform a variety of other important "health checks" as listed below:

Environment Assessment
The purpose of the environment assessment is to ensure that all of the databases are being administered effectively. The following practices will be assessed:

  • Database hardware server support
  • Database software support
  • Network support
  • Client hardware support

Advanced Technology Assessments
During this assessment, ZH TECHNOLOGIES will also make the following recommendations:

  • Stream-line support
  • Administration techniques
  • Organization & Staffing
  • Tool sets

Architecture Assessment
The purpose of the architecture assessment is to find the best possible place to store and input your information on the basis of system you already own or integrate new technology. We will assist you in making the correct design decisions up front to avoid problems during implementation. Recommendations will be made on the following items:

  • Hardware platforms
  • Operating systems
  • Tool sets
  • Products
  • Network configurations
  • Environmental requirements
  • Remote DBASM



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