Applications Security

Security Service Levels
ZH Technology's Managed Security Services are designed to accommodate your network needs. Services are offered in the following three levels. These services can be combined or individually implemented.

IDS Monitoring provides intrusion detection service monitoring at the most vulnerable and frequently attacked access points of the enterprise internet.

Mission Critical System Monitoring A customized solution for your mission critical network services and application servers. This package provides state-of -art IDS technology and Intranet protection.

Enterprise Security Services This service is customized for large enterprise networks. This is the most powerful service we offer. Your network is thoroughly analyzed for vulnerabilities, VPN clients, DMZs and all other possible point of entries are scanned for intrusion. Security release policies are implemented

Application Security
The highest security priority is to prevent your applications from being susceptible to hackers.

Exploitable Weaknesses
Below are the types of weaknesses that hackers exploit and ZH Technologies prevents::
• Hidden manipulation/parameter tampering/cookie poisoning
• Embedded execution
• Known vulnerabilities/buffer overflows
• Debug and testing leftovers
• Cross-site scripting
• Unintended browsing

Back-office Application Security
In addition to the Web, enterprise security includes back-office applications. Security areas that ZH Technologies provides for its clients include:

• Network Operating Systems (NOSs)
• Authentication, accounting, and access control mechanisms
• LDAP integration
• Data store or database security
• Mainframe security integration
• Single sign-on solutions
• Email security

Security firms stop at the networks and often overlook the applications throughout the enterprise environment. At ZH Technologies, we believe application security is paramount to the user community.


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