Wireless Network Solution



Today, organizations worldwide are enhancing the mobility and productivity of their

professional staffs with wireless networking throughout their corporate facilities. technologies keep workers connected to the network, giving them real-time access to information whether they are at or away from their desks. Mobile workers become more productive because they can access information when and where they need it, whether they are using the Internet, doing email or accessing a corporate database.


ZH Technologies concentrates on cutting edge wireless technology to deliver the solutions that will withstand the ever growing demand of network availability & growth. ZH Technologies engineers, integrates secure & robust second-generation 802.11 wireless networks as a part of single platform that allow organizations to perform at its peak

Technology Focus

ZH Technologies has developed vertical market partnerships for wireless networking products and offers components that are “best-of-breed” and that will deliver the desired return-on-investment.


ZH Technologies focused on following areas for Designing 2nd Generation Wireless LAN
Technology Solution 
·   Availability
·   RF Management
·   Network Management
·   Network Security
·   Intrusion Detection
·   Location Awareness
·   Mobility
·   Voice


Integration of poor wireless network design or with a misconfigured access points into an existing corporate Network, the corporate network can be compromised.


Whether or not you have an existing wireless network, ZH Technologies can assist in leveraging scaleable infrastructure to enhance your business environment. Whether it’s a high end corporate site or multiple branch office locations ZH Technologies can integrate a seamless wireless network into your existing wired network.


ZH Technologies will architect a secure environment in which you will have a hassle-free network access to both corporate employees and visitors such as customers, resellers, training attendees and contractors, who compose a transient group and employees from other branch offices, based on assigned profile roles and certain QoS policies.


Wireless Network security

Network security issues also converge for both the wired and wireless networks, but for wireless networks implementation of security requires different approach. By placing complex array of firewall and IDS system does not provide the required level of protection.


Despite the confusion and complexity of the 802.11 security standards over the last few years, ZH Technologies has the knowledge and experience to establish a full security solution for your wireless network to handles the important issues of encryption, IDS/IPS, firewalls, VPNs and management of the RF spectrum.


Voice over Wireless LAN (VoWiFi)

Wireless LANs (WLANs) are in demand, It also enables enterprises to simplify their data and voice networks into a single converged infrastructure, thus improving operational efficiency especially Voice over Wireless LAN (VoWiFi) are playing a critical role by offering significant cost savings by providing an alternative to high cost toll services. Organizations can reduce recurring voice toll charges and slash the high cost of supporting remote offices.


VoWiFi is ideal for those organizations where employees are highly mobile. The very nature of their job is to be away from a desk most of the day, for e.g. warehouses, retail stores, doctors, temporary military communication facilities, Emergency response centers etc.


VoWiFi helps employees multitask or save time in meeting a task objective is essential to compensate for enabling fewer staff to do more.


ZH Technologies Integrate reliable Voice over WLAN System with the strong security at a high data rate and quality with minimal jitter and delay regardless of the amount of VLANs or WLAN switches they crossed - and without dropping any calls.




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